Life Management Services

Life Management Services is an innovative human resource consulting firm based in Cary, North Carolina. Hal and Marilyn Shook co-founded their company in 1976 in the greater Washington, D.C. area on the premise that “Success is people working and achieving together.” They provide a wide range of programs for enhancing the life of individuals and helping organizations achieve objectives through the productivity and alignment of people. The LMS approach has evolved from over 50 years of experience in increasingly responsible positions and as consultants to a wide range of small and large, private and public sector organizations.

LMS Leadership Services and Products

Widely known for their expertise as a “training team,” Hal and Marilyn care about people and organizations and are dedicated to enhancing the life of the individual and the corporation. They have conducted workshops and seminars for people from most every state in the country as well as a number of foreign nations. Custom-tailored programs have also been developed and conducted for a wide variety of public and private organizations and institutions.

In addition to their services, they have written four books which clearly illustrate their beliefs and talents.

    * Flying Spirit: A Leader’s Guide to Creating Great Organizations is a leadership and team building classic, endorsed by five bestselling authors, that continues to earn accolades for its “people-centered approach” to leadership and management.

    * Fighter Pilot Jazz: Role of the P-47 and Spirited Guys in Winning the Air/Ground War in Normandy 1944 is a squadron commander’s view of fighters in combat and the human element that kept birds in the air.

    * Christ in My Cockpit: My First 90 Years of Experiences and Lessons, with WISDOM and STRENGTH from God is an inspiring look at the author's 90 years--from the beaches of Normandy to a faith-filled mission of mentorship and patriotism.

    * Working Happy: Dodging Bullets, Making Changes, Finding Joy is a breakthrough tool for employees and employers alike – critical to professional and personal success in today’s business world.

The Shooks’ unique and time-proven approaches to leadership, management, and life and career planning have been recognized nationally. In recent years, Life Management Services has been cited for its professional achievements in the press, radio, television, and in the following publications:

  • Reinventing the Corporation
  • What Color Is Your Parachute?
  • Full Potential
  • Winning the Salary Game
  • Ki: Practical Guide for Westerners