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CHRIST IN MY COCKPIT: My First 90 Years of Experiences and Lessons, with WISDOM and STRENGTH from God

Cover-Christ in My CockpitGutsy flying and innovative leadership techniques alone did not save Hal Shook's life a dozen times from Normandy’s beaches in 1944 to the Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Vietnam War—steadfast morals and the guiding hand of God inspired his survival and subsequent success as a civilian life management coach and author.

CHRIST IN MY COCKPIT is a history lesson, a spiritual journal, and a directive wrapped into one memoir. As a decorated World War II Air Force pilot and 506th Fighter Squadron commander, Hal recounts the three most meaningful periods of his life. The Normandy Invasion revealed vital lessons in leadership and teamwork. In Korea, he experienced life-changing spiritual awakenings. Post-military career choices established a mission of mentorship and patriotism for the rest of his life.

Unlike his first two books (Flying Spirit: A Leader’s Guide to Creating Great Organizations and Fighter Pilot Jazz: Role of the P-47 and Spirited Guys in Winning the Air-Ground War in Normandy 1944), this book freely intermingles the secular topics of war and career choices with spiritual discoveries and attributions.


Readers from all backgrounds and faiths are presented with a two-fold challenge:

  • To look back on their own life and perhaps re-examine influences beyond what we believe we control 
  • To look ahead to re-create an America whose progress and success are based on caring leadership and restoration of the values practiced by our founding fathers 


  • "With his unique inspiring approach, Hal Shook put his ideas, experiences and aspirations, his life changes, his relationships, and his challenges in life into a brilliant focus. It made me turn page after page knowing more enlightening episodes would be forthcoming."   Leonard F. Stegman,  Chaplain (Col.) USA-Ret.
  • "CHRIST IN MY COCKPIT tells the story...the story of a man, his life's mission, and clearly demonstrates how a spiritual core is absolutely necessary in everything we do.  Anyone asking for guidance, seeking inspiration and knocking at the doors of life would do well to have Hal Shook's book in their hands." Dave Milidonis, Founder, National Veterans History Archival Institute, USMA Class of 1974


Read an excerpt from CHRIST IN MY COCKPIT.

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